Adopted by insiders who crossed the paths of Marsa and Gammarth, the Fouta, Tunisian Hammam towel is an alternative to the bath towel and colors our pools and our bathrooms.
Elegant, it is always woven in 100% cotton by craftsmen who perpetuate with passion the heritage and the know-how of their families. The fringes are hand-knotted by women who work with them and provide support for their homes. It is woven in recycled thread. We attach great importance to all these elements that give our production a responsible and socially committed character.

Did you know? The real Tuisian Fouta tunisienne always measures  200 x 100 cm et is always woven in 100% cotton. Yet, you will not find a cotton plantation in Tunisia... Why? Because the Tunisian artisans have always recycled cotton to make bobbins of yarn that will weave the foutas. Responsible and ecological, it is now the surplus manufacturing of French brands ready to wear, established in Tunisia that can perpetuate this legacy. And to ensure exceptional cotton quality for the foutas production of "by Foutas".

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